How Will iOS 8 Improve Gaming?


At World Wide Developer Conference 2014, Apple Inc. gave the first look to the viewers of their operating system OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. Most of them are eagerly waiting for the launch of new Apple hardware in 2014. IPhone 6 and a new generation of iPad were presented focusing solely on the software.

Considering user’s perspective in the form of a smart phone, iOS 8 offers useful new features like data storage on cloud, which is known as iCloud for storing media files such as photos, videos, a smart messaging application, paid app sharing for family, better predictive typing, a new health app, music and other downloads. iOS 8 update is said to fill the gap between Apple and Android devices, whereas apps like DropBox have been eliminated.

To help the mobile developers, iOS introduced new technology called Metal, which is powerful than the previous. X Yosemite and iOS 8 offers unique advantage for iPhone and Mac users respectively.

As per Apple’s Craig Federighi, Metal gives greater rendering efficiency for the developers with the same chip. It’s important for game development as it lets developers to create impressive and immersive experiences without having the upcoming iOS devices. A7 chips power the iPhone 5s, second-gen iPad, and iPad Air.

Apple is working with leading game developers and platforms like Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Crytek, and Unity to make sure metal should get attention towards it. Also they showcased a demo, which seems to fulfil the promise.

Once done with development tool Metal, Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney showcased an interactive experience, which they call as Zen Garden. It’s an interactive app, as you might expect its Japanese rock garden, coy pond and cherry blossom tree, whereas Zen Garden was most impressive.

From the motions explaining about the petals in the wind floating to the way sand grains deformed to particular motions, the demo for Zen Garden showcased that Metal can properly up the ante. It seems to take more than a Zen Garden for the gamers to make them excited, whereas the demo for the tech showed its promise.

Metal is part of one piece of big Apple announcement, but new mobile tech is already here as promised. Mobile devices are the competitors for the console experience; even for the smallest, more power is going to be necessary and looks like Metal will fulfil its first step towards that goal.

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